a craftsman’s patiencean artist’s soul
Edgeworth is the brainchild of Mackenzie Law, who started her professional life as an illustrator. She found inspiration in the work of the great Art Nouveau legends, ethereal Bengali watercolors, and early twentieth century wallpaper catalogs. Her eye for detail lead her to explore metalsmithing and ultimately to fall in love with making jewelry. Drawn to the lasting nature and nearly infinite possibilities in metals, she soon found her sketchbook overflowing with ideas. Her first experiments with weaving wire were simple braids, informed by a lifetime of braiding her sisters’ hair. What followed were increasingly intricate weaves, and she began gathering ideas from books on American Indian basketry and textile weaving. With each weave came a new level of understanding about how metal could be used to create patterns and designs similar to fabric.

Mackenzie has studied with goldsmiths, Ann Cahoon and Chris Ploof. She lives and works in Rhode Island.