A VICE, A HAMMERand lots of magnification
At Edgeworth, our favorite thing to do is to shape, bend, and weave metal into beautiful textures and patterns. Each of our weave patterns begins life as an established craft technique – either born from the art of basketry, fabric, or passementerie (french ribbon weaving). We select the right scale wires and measure each wire out according to our pattern formulas, using only recycled and ethically sourced metal alloys with the correct malleability and strength for each technique. We weave each piece by hand – no machines are used. After clamping the required number of wires into a specialized vice, we bend wire over wire, by hand, using a soft mallet to make sure each row is as tight (or as loose) as the last. Special 8 x magnifying lenses are worn to make sure no loop is out of place and that each pattern is completed with 100% accuracy and perfection. Designing these beautiful metal fabrics into finished pieces of jewelry is an art form all it’s own. Using frames, cast structures and beautiful findings to complete our pieces, we make sure each weave gets the support and attention it deserves.
We love making custom pieces for special occasions. If you have a special gemstone you’d like to use for an engagement ring, or an idea for a pair of wedding rings, we’d love to make you something special, please don’t hesitate to call!